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Artist in Residence

Since 2015, Pier-2 Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) has established three core missions: support of contemporary art creation, development of art education and promotion, and interaction with local communities. Each year 25-30 local and foreign artists invited and selected through Open Call come here and exchange their innovative ideas through residency projects. On the basis of deepening the development of local arts and cultural activities, PAIR also actively expands international links through exchanging programs. With artist-in-residence program and art educational activities, PAIR aims at enhancing connections between Kaohsiung and international art communities. To encourage more international trans-disciplinary collaborations, to provide Taiwan artists more international opportunities, and to create more possibilities into art center; PAIR continuously works on establishing our art networks supporting diversity of arts both locally and internationally.



      1.Studio and Venue

PAIR locates at C9 warehouses of Dayi Area. Eight 33-square-meter artist studios (living space included) and a lounge (a complex area that can be used for ideas exchanging, cooking, dining, administration, lectures, meetings and so on) serve as a platform full of art and cultural resources for exhibitions, performances and exchanges.




    2.PAIR Provides


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