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As Taiwan’s only harborside warehouse music venue, the Live Warehouse is a unique space where its time-worn environment meets live rock-and-roll performances. A wide range of live concerts performed by musicians from Taiwan and abroad are held here. It is also where pop music talents can thrive and infuse local elements into their music.
The Live Warehouse is Kaohsiung’s first professional concert venue with the capacity of over 1,000 people. Located at C10 of the Dayi Warehouse Cluster, it consists of a small warehouse space (for 230 people) and a big warehouse space (for 1,400 people), and provides professional lighting and audio equipment as well as staging personnel.
Live performances take place here every week, which guarantee close-up experience of stage excitement or upbeat ambience of a thousand-people concert. This space is fast becoming an important hub of pop music in southern Taiwan.